Dr. Ladys Cabrera DMD

General and Cosmetic Dentistry 
6500 Cow Pen Road, Suite 203
Miami Lakes

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"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."
-Thich Nhat Hanh
You're A Terrific Patient!
It's people like you that make it fun for us to come to work every day, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate. We would love to take care of more people like you in our practice. 
  1. Our Services Include:
    * Cosmetic & Preventive Dentistry *Dental Implant Services/ Implant supported Dentures & Prosthetics *Crowns/ Bridges *Bonding or Tooth Colored Fillings *Porcelain Veneers to correct crooked or stained teeth *In-Office Teeth Whitening *Priodontal "Gum"Therapy/Surgery *Oral Surgery/ Wisdom Tooth Extraction *Oral Cancer Screening
  2. First Visit
    Achieving excellent dental care should not be difficult, at our office we make it as simple as possible when scheduling your first appointment and explaining the treatment plan. During your first visit, we will collect important background information like your dental and medical history, referral slip and any x-rays (if applicable), a list of your current medications, and dental insurance. Then the dentist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to check your teeth for signs of decay, check your gums for changes, and check for signs of oral cancer or other diseases.
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry
    *Porcelain *Veneers *Tooth Whitening *Dental Implants *Dental Bonding *and More
  4. Restorative Dentistry
    *Crowns and Bridges *Dental Implants *Smile Makeover *Periodontal *Oral Surgery *Dentures *Pediatric Dentistry